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Porsche Training Center

Porsche Training Center

WIFI connection to computer for training displays

Get the Engine Tuning Technology Advantage with EMS

EMS is a performance tuning supplier to Porche North America as well as Dyno Manufacturers and military equipment manufacturers. We provide the Engine Mapping tool for tuning to the CO gas for the proper fuel mixture (AFR).

By using our 4 or 5 gas analyzer you will have the tuning technology advantage.  For those shops working on carbureted engines and fuel injection for verifying wide band O2 sensor (WB O2), EMS 5 gas analyzers will provide accurate data at engine idle and all drive cycles doing a road test.

EMS has several custom threaded sample gas probes:

  • M8 Banjo Sample hose (Porche specific)
  • M18 Banjo Fitting (WB O2 Sensor Bung)
  • 1/4-20 Threaded Probe
  • Y-Valve Assembly (For dual exhaust or left/right bank engine testing)

Performance Tuning Resources

Analyzing Gases for Best Performance

Learning the gases for tuning takes experience with different engine combinations, but always look at your gases as simple engine knowledge:

HC = Unburnt fuel

CO = Fuel (rich or lean)

CO2 = Combustion efficiency

NOX = Cylinder pressure and temperature to detect engine knock or possible piston failure

O2 = Diagnostic value for possible leaks

Gas levels during idle tuning

Gas levels during idle tuning

Diagnostic Articles using EMS Emissions Gas Analyzers

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