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Portable Gas Emissions Analyzers and High Performance Engine Tuning Equipment

Emissions Analyzer EMS Model 5003

Portable Emissions Testing Products

Emissions Analyzer EMS Model 5003

Emissions Analyzers

Our portable, durable emissions testing units give you accurate results about your engine’s emissions.

Emissions Testing Software

Our equipment interfaces with third party emissions testing software including data acquisition collection for Dyno Testing.

Performance Tuning

Get the Engine Tuning Technology Advantage with EMS

EMS is a performance tuning supplier to Porche North America as well as Dyno Manufacturers and military equipment manufacturers. We provide Engine Mapping, tuning to the CO gas for the proper fuel mixture (AFR).

About EMS

EMS is proud to be an American manufacturer of professional quality emissions testing equipment. Located in the Chicago area, EMS has over 30 years experience in the business and has been manufacturing bulletproof exhaust gas test equipment for over 20 years. Over the years, EMS has developed the most heavy-duty and reliable units on the market.

We stand behind our products! EMS takes pride in customer service and believes in building strong, personal relationships with customers. In addition to manufacturing successful emissions testing products, EMS has branched into the High Performance Industry. We now offer a variety of custom sample probe connections, Y-Valve Inlet for dual exhaust sampling and data acquisition capability for Dyno testing and third party software interface.