Model 5001 – Legacy

EMS Model 5001

The old reliable, heavy-duty EMS 5001 analyzer. This product has been discontinued in order to focus on our new line of analyzers, We know that many customers still use this durable product, and we will continue to provide repairs and service for existing units.

This filter has been discontinued.

Upgrade to the EMS Filter System.

Product Specifications

Power: 10-16 VDC
Ranges: HC: 0-2000 ppm (0-20,000 ppm High Range)
CO: 0 – 10%
CO2: 0 – 20%
O2: 0 – 25%
NO: 0 – 5000 ppm (Nitric Oxide) *
Warm Up: Less than 5 minutes
Display Resolution: HC: 1 ppm vol.
CO: 0.01% vol.
CO2: 0.1% vol.
O2: 0.01% vol.
NO: 1ppm*
Digital Display: Four 0.5” LCD
Accuracy (Bar 97 EPA ASM): HC: 4 ppm HC
CO: 0.06% CO
CO2: 0.3% CO2
O2: 0.1% O2
NO: 25 ppm*
Drift: Zero and span drift are less than ± 0.6% of full scale for the first hour and less than ± 0.4% of full scale per hour thereafter.
System Response Time: Bench: 1.5 Sec/25 ft. hose 5 sec. to 90% of final reading
Ambient Conditions: 35F (2C) to 120F (45C), rel. humidity 0-98%
Sample Hose: 25 feet ( 7.5 m) with QD coupling /200 F Degrees Max
Sample Probe: Stainless steel 1200 Degrees F (replaceable flex tip)
Mass: Approx.: 10 LBS. (4.5 Kg)

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