Model 8000

Emissions Analyzer EMS Model 8000

5 Gas Combustion Analyzer

The model 8000 non-display is a portable stand alone unit able to test a vehicle in your shop or on the road. Power is supplied by the vehicle under test or an optional 110/220 VAC converter. Connect computer via RS232/USB adaptor, see LabView Software for more screen shots.

It is designed to meet BAR 97 ( EPA ASM ) and OIML R99 Class 0 standards. The 8000 model uses all updated electronics. The unit is compact featuring robust metal housing designed to withstand the most difficult shop or mobile environments. The unit can be shipped as a four or five gas analyzer.

  • Updated electronics
  • Heavy duty filter/sampling systems
  • Connect via RS232/USB adaptor
  • Record gas tests, review analysis in g/mile
  • Print out reports, export to excel
  • 1 yr. Parts & labor warranty
  • 18 Month IR bench warranty
  • Made in USA

Now Featuring a New & Improved Filtration System!

  • 1st Stage is an Oil/Water Separator with manual drain valve.
  • 2nd Stage is a Water Trap Bowl with disposable coalescing filter element. 99.5% efficient at 0.1 micron.
  • 3rd Stage is Particulate Filter Bowl with disposable filter Element. 99.5% Efficient at 0.1 micron.

Product Specifications

Power: 10 -16 VDC (110/220 VAC 50/60 Hz optional)
Ranges: HC: 0 – 2000 ppm
CO: 0 – 10%
CO2: 0 – 20%
O2: 0 – 25%
NO: 0 – 5000 ppm (Nitric Oxide)*
Warm Up: Less than 5 minutes at 20C – self controlled
Display Resolution: HC: 1 ppm vol.
CO: 0.01% vol.
CO2: 0.1% vol.
O2: 0.01% vol.
NO: 1ppm*
Digital Display: No Display
Accuracy (Bar 97 EPA ASM): HC: 4 ppm HC
CO: 0.06% CO
CO2: 0.3% CO2
O2: 0.1% O2
NO: 25 ppm*
Drift: Zero and span drift are less than ± 0.6% of full scale for the first hour and less than ± 0.4% of full scale per hour thereafter.
System Response Time: 9 seconds to 90% of final reading
Ambient Conditions: 35F (2C) to 120F (45C), rel. humidity 0-98%
Sample Hose: 25 feet ( 7.5 m) with quick connect coupling
Sample Probe: Stainless steel (replaceable flex tip)
Mass: Approx.: 12 LBS. (6 Kg)

Data acquisition

Data acquisition via virtual ethernet port and LabView Data Acquisition Software

Warranty Information

  • Standard parts and labor 1 year warranty
  • Optical bench is covered for 18 months

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