Learn How to Use the Air/Fuel Ratio and Lambda Data of a Gas Analyzer

Article written by Mark Warren
Published in the December 2009 edition of MOTOR Magazine

You may already be comfortable with the principles of exhaust gas analysis. Or not. Either way, it’s time to learn how to use the air/fuel ratio and lambda data many exhaust gas analyzers also supply.

an excerpt…

“Diagnosing driveability problems is like any other diagnostic exercise—a process of elimination. The primary question often boils down to: Is it ignition, fuel delivery or a mechanical problem? The ability to eliminate or identify fuel delivery as the problem is key to a quick diagnostic solution. A gas analyzer with lambda or air/fuel ratio (AFR) capability can get you there fast. Even if you don’t have a gas analyzer, keep reading. Even if you think gas analysis is complicated, keep reading. Every shop that does driveability diagnostics needs a gas analyzer. Gas analysis using lambda or air/fuel ratio is really quite simple.”